Verico the Mortgage Station are under criminal investigation for loansharking, and for stealing money from a CHIP Reverse Mortgage from HomeEquity Bank.">
Verico the Mortgage Station, Loan Sharks In Lefroy

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Verico the Mortgage Station, Loansharks on the Lam

The game of living on the lam continues as those who fail to represent Verico the Mortgage Station, Verico Financial Group, and the HomeEquity Bank refuse to stand up and support or explain in any way how it is acceptable to them for provincially licensed mortgage brokers to defraud clients through loansharking and skimming from mortgages. So far, only a single Director at HomeEquity Bank has thought to give our producer a call and discuss the matter. However, even when his questions were answered, and he was told the details, the Director again refused to agree to an interview that we sought with the President and CEO Steven Ranson.

They all know we are telling the truth or one of these multi-million and billion-dollar corporations would have filed an action in the Superior Court seeking a cease and desist or other injunctive relief.

A year ago, the brokers of Verico the Mortgage Station, those being Renee Dadswell, Lisa Purchase, and David Flude, made the mistake of believing they could grift and defraud by loansharking a man of charity and community support who seemed to be in a tight spot due mostly to the effects of the pandemic.

So, as the result of a nine-week-long confidence scheme, these criminal masterminds managed to grift about $500.00, or roughly $55.56 pathetic dollars a week.

Well, they must have been surprised after the mortgage finally cleared and they had lost all influence. That was when their intended mark pushed back and forced Lisa Purchase through the threat of a complaint to the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario to convince Renee Dadswell to return the $200.00 “administrative fee” that was never agreed to, but which was simply skimmed off the top of the mortgage like a tip added to the bill at a restaurant.

So, for those following the math, the brokers of Verico the Mortgage Station took nine weeks to defraud a client of $299.75, or roughly $33.33 measly dollars a week for their grandiose efforts and various criminal offenses.

Now, a year later, these pathetic abusers of trust are facing potentially multiple criminal charges that could and should lead to the suspension or cancellation of their brokerage license. They are also well-known now across the county in which they do business for being untrustworthy loan sharks who take advantage of and defraud their clients for their own personal gain.

We know this because of the comments on social media, the messages and emails sent to our producer, and the website statistics that often show traffic in the mid-range double digits all at the same time.

So far, fifty-seven visitors to our website at one time is the record. That happened shortly after we released the “FRAUD WARNING FOR SENIORS IN SIMCOE COUNTY!” video and shared it with multiple public online groups in Simcoe County. It was especially effective, and we will be producing and releasing other similar videos that we will boost for the greatest coverage across Simcoe County. We do this to educate the public and to harvest similar stories from other people who also claim to have been victimized by the brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station. We of course will vet and fact-check all stories before sharing them online or as part of our documentary.

We also know where these people come from, and they are currently about 89% local from cities, towns, and villages located between Toronto and Barrie.

Now the brokers of Verico the Mortgage Station also need to deal with other Verico brokers from other regional businesses as the stain of their corruption is spreading across the entire Verico brand. This is a pattern that we know all too well, as our past investigative journalistic reports have caused the exact same ripple effect that ultimately caused the target of our fully supported stories to close their business, go bankrupt, lose an election, or be restricted as to their liberties.

“If the Mountain won't go to Mohammed, then Mohammed must come to the Mountain.”

It is solely because of the collective refusal to come out of their caves that we have started sending out information to other brokers and brokerages which operate under the Verico banner who we feel have a right to know the truth about how their counterparts in Lefroy have been abusing trust and defrauding their clients. In our article entitled “Associated Verico Brokers Show The Need To Protect Their Own Interests,” we exercised our right to name those we have notified (bottom of the page), in order to ensure there was no chance of “Plausible Deniability” when the documentary is released. Of course, this means their businesses will ultimately come up in search results online, but we were careful to note that “We are not in any way implying or inferring that these brokers and brokerages are in any way associated with Verico the Mortgage Station or with the crimes committed by Renee Dadswell, Lisa Purchase, and David Flude.”

Ignoring the issue was clearly intended to minimize exposure but denial has in fact increased the size of our audience exponentially as people understand that only the guilty hide.

Yesterday we purchased a range of professional-level tools for Search Engine Optimization that will further dramatically increase our exposure and growth through online searches. Those tools have already told us that during the month of June alone, before implementing this new software, 1,390 individuals found our story by inputting “Verico” into various search engines. How many of them were potential clients for Verico the Mortgage Station or any of dozens of other Verico brokers and brokerages?

It will not take long for “Verico Financial Group”, “HomeEquity Bank”, “CHIP Reverse Mortgage” and the names of other Verico brokers to catch up as chronic denial continues to make potential customers curious.

A year ago, a simple apology, the return of the stolen money, and acceptance of their obligations to clients would have sufficed. However, the brokers of Verico the Mortgage Station clearly felt invulnerable enough that they could ignore their legal obligations by disregarding a report of my allegations to the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario that David Flude assured our producer was “regulatory required” and could not be ignored. It is now a year later and no such report has ever been brought forth as completed.

The reason for their laissez faire became clear when the first detective to “investigate” our producer’s claims was somehow motivated to side 100% with the brokers of Verico the Mortgage Station.

That motivation, as provided by the multi-million dollar brokerage was so compelling that the detective was unable to discern between 12% and 120% interest, and he did not even speak with the complainant or ask if there was any additional evidence. Unfortunately for him, and the brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station, our producer is not somebody known for standing down. Instead of accepting the decision, as most people would, our producer sent irrefutable proof of his claims directly to the Chief and the Inspector of South Simcoe Police Service, and also to all of Innisfil Town Council.

That resulted in an apology from the top cops and sparked the second more thorough investigation by a specialist fraud detective.

Every single time the brokers of Verico the Mortgage Station try to dodge their responsibilities, their underhanded tactics come back on them tenfold. They could have avoided all that has happened and all that is coming simply by stepping up and taking responsibility. Instead, they hide, they scheme, they wallow in denial, and they convince themselves that they can “motivate” others to do as they wish, but it just isn’t working for them. Now they are the fools of their industry, to be scorned by those whom they are dragging into their need to save face, and they stand to lose everything due to their arrogance . . .

. . . as have so many other privileged and unethical people who once believed likewise but who went bankrupt, lost their business, were defeated in politics, or are denied certain liberties all because we exposed the truth.

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