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Reassuring Residents

A locally-focused COVID-19 educational tool to help seniors in residential and long-term care

Above is an example of our video as modified for use by Grove Park Home in Barrie.
More information can be found in the Reassuring Residents Files Guide
The red tags are references to branding options and are not part of the finished video.

Please direct all questions to jironside@fivepointsmedia.ca John Ironside, Producer or call 705-828-5605.

The video is fully customized to your facility, but with zero risk of any cross-contamination:

According to an article in the Globe and Mail, reported on April 1, 2020, more than 600 nursing homes and long-term care facilities across Canada were actively battling an outbreak of COVID-19. During this crisis, it is more important than ever that all senior care facilities be seen as being as proactive as possible in providing all possible tools to fight this pandemic. As a means of assisting in this goal, we are now offering through our locally-focused and community-oriented media service a professionally produced educational video that is targeted specifically at educating residents of care facilities. Please download the Reassuring Residents Files Guide

  • The video is white branded for easy adaptability, so our crew will never need to visit your facility.

  • Your marketing department can provide us with professionally shot pictures, or staff can provide pictures using their cell phones.

  • Full details about what is needed can be found in our Reassuring Residents Files Guide.

  • We will insert the pre-recorded host into your lobby using green screen technology.

  • Through the use of digital effects, we integrate your images into 'live' animations such as the photo album, the outside picture, and the lobby.

  • We integrate your logo throughout the video, as shown in the demonstration version shown here as produced for Grove Park Home.

  • All files are transferred electronically, so there is zero risk of any cross-contamination.

  • The project is 100% virtual, so we can provide services to any seniors' residence or long-term care facility in Canada and the US.

  • You are free to use the branded video on your website and Facebook to show families you are proactive.

  • We can provide DVD and Blu-Ray versions for individual use, the cost of which is relative to the number ordered.

  • The cost of these videos is $299.00 for multiple facility orders, and $349.00 for one facility orders.

  • Much of the cost of this project is out-of-pocket fees association with using third-party video and audio files.

  • If produced through a commercial video production company, the cost would be valued at more than $3000.00

  • Five Points Media is a locally-focused and community-oriented media service that donates all services to benevolent community groups and charities.

  • If you have any questions, please view the "How we are doing this" video directly below.

How we are doing this - You will never know we were never there

This behind the scenes video will explain how and what we are offering

We are offering this production on a subsidized locally-focused basis and the cost will average out to about a dollar or two per resident, depending on the size of your facility. Although we have donated hundreds of videos to charities and community groups, we need to cover the licensing costs of third-party video used in each production and also our staffing costs. For details about our well-established pattern of donating and subsidizing production work, please visit our About page or Testimonials. We have been donating our services for more than five years as we are not driven by a desire to make money, but by a passion to help those in the greatest need.

We have produced a template video using third party licenced recordings that will educate your residents as to a self-care routine during this crisis. Using technology like green screen and customized digital effects we will brand the video for your facility. To see what we mean, please watch the example video at the top of this page that we customized for Grove Park Home. Wherever their logo is seen, including within the effects pieces, yours will take its place. All pictures in the photo album effect will be replaced with yours, and our host will be seen to be standing in your lobby or wherever you want her to be.

Giving back to our community through donated and subsidized programming

We produced this video for the dementia and Alzheimer’s wing of the IOOF Seniors Home

  • Due to the use of our advanced digital technology, our crew will never need to step foot on your property

  • Through digital imaging effects, it will appear as if we recorded the video at your location

  • All customization is provided seamlessly through digital video production special effects

  • The inclusion of photographs and the appearance of being onsite boost credibility for both residents and their families

  • We need your logo, six pictures of staff and/or residents, one picture of the exterior, and one of your lobby – please watch the video to see why.

  • These photos can be stock pictures from your marketing department or taken by staff with a cell phone.

We have worked with and donated services to many seniors' homes

We recorded and donated this community video during Christmas 2019 in support of a jewelry giveaway to residents at Grove Park Home

We understand your staff will be doing an amazing job instructing the residents, but valuable time is being wasted performing the same training several times a day. This consumes personnel hours, which reduces overall client care, while also dramatically increasing your operational costs.

Through our program, your staff will be able to use the television to play our video, which can educate and then remind your residents an unlimited number of times as to the need for cleaning hands, not touching their faces, and social distancing. It will also remind them why they are not seeing family members for such an extended period. This video could also prove useful during future viral outbreaks as it is easily adaptable after the COVID-19 outbreak.

As the content of the video is branded to your care facility, it can also be used by you to show family members that your team and facility are proactive and that you are taking every step possible to ensure client care. We also welcome you to include your personalized branded version of this video on your website and/or social media, as we will happily waive any claim to copyright at no cost.

If desired, we can also create personal use DVDs at cost, which will decrease per unit depending on the number ordered.

What respected professionals from your industry had to say

This testimonial, by Micheline Robichaud, Manager of Revenue Development, IOOF Seniors Home, speaks to the quality of our work.

We wish to convey that we are not trying to profit from the current COVID-19 COVID-19 crisis. the OCANetwork, also known as Five Points Media, is a locally-focused and community-oriented media service broadcast-quality video production service that donates all services to benevolent community groups in ways that enhance the local economy by helping charities. For details please visit the Ontario Community Awareness Network

Our commitment to our community is well known, and we work frequently with local law enforcement, emergency services, medical facilities, and seniors’ residences of various kinds. In that light, we are offering a tool of communications and education to assist the staff and residents of seniors' homes and long-term care facilities across Canada to deal with the day to day realities of the COVID-19 pandemic.


"Thank you so much John!! Yes please everyone... his video shows the entire project!! From start to finish, what went into it, with some great shots of the completed wing and what it means to people. As a side note: the OCANetwork, also known as Five Points Media, donated all their time and effort and resources and work to us, as one non-profit to another, and so I ask you to like their page. I am always blown away by the community we have here in Barrie that really helps each other out!!" ❤️
Micheline Robichaud, Manager of Revenue Development, IOOF Seniors Home

"Micheline Robichaud wow! It turned out so good! Thank you so much John the OCANetwork, also known as Five Points Media, for this amazing video. It turned out fantastic."
Ashley Frenette, Assistant Director of Resident Care, IOOF Seniors Home

"Five Points Media, this video is fantastic! My parents are in 2 different Barrie homes because my dad struggles with Alzheimer’s. We are all told to do this stuff to stop the virus so why not teach the seniors at risk? They may have to watch your video 100 times but will it save a life or two or ten? We are very scared for them right now and this gives us some feeling of hope. I looked at the credits, and the education and experience of the people you pulled in makes this brilliant. Every retirement home in Canada should be sharing this with the people who pay them so much money every month for the best care. I will be calling both homes about this on Monday."

Further referrals from charities and other community leaders can be found at our Testimonials Page, Facebook Reviews and Google Reviews

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