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Beneath the Blanket welcomes Push For Change

Linda Goodall of the Lighthouse Soup Kitchen and Shelter, Marie with Joe Roberts, David Watt and Michelle White

Joe Roberts, the man behind 'The Push for Change', has become quite the authority on homelessness, especially as it pertains to youth, which makes sense when you consider that in 1989, at the age of 23, he was living under a bridge, homeless and destitute. When speaking with Michelle White and David Watt, the Directors of Beneath the Blanket, and Linda Goodall, the Executive Director of the Lighthouse Soup Kitchen and Shelter, Joe noted that it does not really matter what event advocates undertake as long as it draws the media; which then spreads the message to the people, which inspires thought and conversation that lead to change. Joe also noted that effective change for homelessness can only come when the subject is put in the centre and the resources are brought to them in a unified manner; which, coincidently, is the idea behind both the STEM Interface project and Linda's concept for 'Building Hope".

Beneath the Blanket collects items needed by homeless shelters and those who work with homeless people in the field

Our fully functional kitchen set.