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COVID-19 - A Clear and Present Danger, 2021

This past Saturday, May 2nd, 2021, Tyler Nicholson, the self-appointed leader of the so-called ‘Freedom Rallies’ revealed a lot about his motivation in holding weekly events that countless medical experts have stated are dangerous super-spreader events for the COVID-19 virus.

We know the ‘rallies’ are illegal and why. We also know that the City of Barrie and other communities have had little success in quelling the actions of these delusional ‘activists’. However, beyond the facts of the event are some interesting comments by the organizer.

While speaking to the crowd, Nicholson discussed being obsessed with running these rallies, and he clearly relished the cheers of the audience. He also boasted about running for mayor and usurping the city council through some plotted-out election plan that would see his people put into each ward as if they were unchallenged. The group he represents adds up to less than 1% of our city’s population, so that would be an interesting accomplishment.

The adults in the room get that this is all delusionary thinking, but the introduction of political aspirations and fund-raising through the merchandising of fantasy is very reminiscent of the Trump campaign, and we need to start seeing this movement for what it truly is. The message of ‘Make Canada Great Again’ was much more present this time than two weeks ago. Its US counterpart is a well-known dog whistle slogan to racism. There was also only one non-white face that we saw in the crowd. On that issue, you will have to draw your own conclusions.

Take a moment to see for yourself the man behind the curtain of ignorance in Barrie.

Videography and post-production by John Ironside

the OCANetwork, also known as Five Points Media, is currently in transition to become a provincially registered not-for-profit corporation. To the best of our knowledge, ours will be the only community channel of its kind.

We are looking for new programming ideas, with our focus being mostly on fringe and minority groups whose members are mostly ignored by mainstream media. These include, but are not limited to, the Indigenous population, People of Colour, members of the LGBTQQIP2SAA community, and people of various cultures and religions.

We will continue to donate all video and media services to registered charities and benevolent not-for-profit groups that promote unity and support all members of the community. Our eventual goal will be to expand our programming to cover all of Ontario through a network of regional bureau facilities. This service will help all people in Ontario to learn about each other and work in unity.

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