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Sash and Ash

Born Legacy, August 17, 2020

We have had the pleasure of working with Five Points Media over the past couple of months, and our experience has been nothing short of incredible! They are consistent and dedicated to making a difference to the projects they take on. They work wholeheartedly and professionally while bringing a natural enjoyment to the process. What could be long, draining days of work, are kept light and full of laughs. In a very comfortable environment, they create a sense of connection and teamwork to the work at hand. The creativity that is brought to the table results in a high-quality product that we are proud to present to the public!

Thank you to John, Tiffany & Yvette for of your partnership, support and commitment to growing our vision!

We are very grateful for each one of you and all that you bring to the table.

Love, Sash & Ash

Born Legacy Introduction, 2020

Cheryl Davidson Gotthelf

Candlelighters Simcoe, Parents of Children with Cancer, June 19, 2019

"Excellent video! Candlelighters is the best!", Barbara Cameron

"This video was outstanding, but also made me cry.😍😍", Adam Mason"

"Fantastic Video! My Superhero was definitely featured here! Way to go!", Barb Litman"

"Great job!", Linda Walker

Watch 'Candlelighters Superhero Stomp Promo', 2018

Watch 'Candlelighters Simcoe Superhero Stomp Promo', 2019

Watch 'How You Thank A Dragon', 2019

Watch 'A Story of Heroes and Dragons', 2018

Micheline Robichaud

IOOF Senior Homes, April 12, 2019

"Thank you so much John!! Yes please everyone... his video shows the entire project!! From start to finish, what went into it, with some great shots of the completed wing and what it means to people. As a side note: Five Points Media, donated all their time and effort and resources and work to us, as one non profit to another, and so I ask you to like their page. I am always blown away by the community we have here in Barrie that really helps each other out!! ❤️."
Micheline Robichaud, Manager of Revenue Development

Wow! "It turned out so good! Thank you so much John Five Points Media for this amazing video. It turned out fantastic"
Ashley Frenette, Assistant Director of Resident Care.

Watch 'Butterfly Model Brought To Barrie', 2019

Selena Mills

Barrie Native Friendship Centre

"I run all social media accounts for the Barrie Native Friendship Centre, I had no idea you produced such an amazing video from our roundance! Can you please share the video file with us so that we can upload it to our FB page, and we'll of course tag Five Points Media and anyone else who sponsored or was a part of this partnership."

Watch 'Barrie Native Friendship Centre Round Dance To Thank Volunteers, 2019'

Andree Pelan

Living Green Barrie

"Thank you Five Points Media for capturing these beautiful moments at the community tree planting! What a perfect day; good weather, great company, and a community that is taking action to combat climate change. The next tree planting will be in the spring, and the details will be posted to our Facebook page."

Watch 'Barrie Community Tree Planting, 2018'

Jane Boake, Ont

Founder, COPE Service Dogs and Canines in the Classroom, August 23, 2017

"John...that is fantastic! So thorough and fun. Thank you so much for your creativity in making such a comprehensive video from essentially a one shot session. Five Points support of these social and charitable causes is so essential and appreciated. "

Watch 'COPE Dogs Flag Raising at Barrie City Hall, 2017'

Kelly Scaglione

Founder, Restoring Dignity and Hope, March 7, 2017

"I would like to sincerely thank Five Points Media for all the work done to show its viewers the importance of why and what I do. Incarceration and successful reintegration allows an individual to fit back into their lives as well as their families lives! With community support, these individuals will become successful and break the cycle of any continued involvement in the Justice System! I could not continue to assist the number of those in need here without your support and donations!! Together we can make a difference! I thank you all!!!!!!"

Watch 'Restoring Dignity and Hope'

Linda Goodall

Executive Director, The Lighthouse Soup Kitchen and Shelter, March 14, 2017

"John and Five Points Media are fantastic to work in partnership with! Volunteering their time and resources to create a number of videos (including STEM Interface, Joe Roberts and Coldest Night of the Year - Orillia) has been an incredible opportunity for The Lighthouse Soup Kitchen and Shelter to promote our outreach and fundraising initiatives. Thank you for your generosity and hard work in our community!!"

Watch 'SY-STEM Links Introductory Video'

Watch 'SY-STEM Links Explanatory Video'

Watch 'Coldest Night of the Year event video'

Watch 'Lighthouse Polar Bear Dip 2017 event video'

Watch 'Beneath the Blanket meets Push for Change' video

Frank Nelson

Community Give and Get Centre / I'm Paying It Back, 2016-2017

Since 2016 and consistently throughout until 2020 our crew at Five Points Media has been working closely with Frank Nelson and the volunteers of the Community Give and Get Centre in central Barrie. In April 2018, Frank Nelson is planning a fund-raiser by riding an e-bike from Charlottetown, PEI to Barrie, via southern Ontario. Our crew will be joining him.

Watch 'Community Give and Get - Social Return on Investment'

Watch 'Community Give and Get Update'

Watch 'Walmart Donates to the Community Give and Get Centre'

Watch 'Promenade Days Promo'

Watch 'Frank Nelson Receives Random Acts of Kindness Award'

Watch 'Test Drive of E-Bike'

Watch 'Cycling for the Community Give and Get'

Sherri Helsdingen

Coordinator Volunteer Services CNIB, March 12, 2016

"I work for a local nonprofit organization in Barrie and needed someone to help record a series of presentations at an event that highlighted new research around vision health. It needed to be professionally done as the videos would be posted on a national website, fully accessible for people with vision loss, and done on budget. A colleague referred me to 3B Solutions and they delivered on all points. The staff on-site were super friendly and accommodating, taking care of all details related to photography and recording. They worked with me throughout the process to ensure delivery of a high quality, accessible video that can be shared nationwide to educate and raise awareness. They also did this work pro bono, showing their deep commitment to supporting the community. Thank you John and the 3B Solutions team!"

Watch 'Charles Bonnet Syndrome Presentation'

Bernie Cullen

Former police officer being assisted by Frank Nelson and community volunteers after diagnosis of cancer, October 4, 2016

"John sure makes this process so easy especially for those of us who are not used to being in the limelight :) Professional and A1 work. You not only created a great video to help make people aware of the fundraising event but you also captured memories for my family to keep and that is something priceless to us. I highly recommend 3B Solutions, outstanding work"

Watch 'Helping Bernie'

Tom Chapman

Homelessness Advocate / CMHA / Co-creator of SY-STEM Links, January 16, 2017

"Working with John has brought my goal a reality and is now making change in the lives of others. John not only was easy to work along side, he also brought fresh ideas to the project. Great company very flexible and supportive."

Watch 'SY-STEM Links Introductory Video'

Watch 'SY-STEM Links Explanatory Video'

Lisa Spinks-Smith

Development Manager, Women and Children's Shelter of Barrie, February 8, 2017

"I had the pleasure of working with John and his team to create a number of promotional videos for the Women & Children's Shelter of Barrie's annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event among other events. Our organization continues to be very happy with the results of the video production quality. John's videos helps to tell our organizations story and inspire people to get involved. John has a great pay it forward philosophy and is very generous with his time and ensures that the client is happy with the final results. Thanks again Five Points a Media for doing what you do!"

Watch 'Walk A Mile Promo Video 2017'

Watch 'Walk A Mile Animated Shoes Promo Video 2017'

Watch 'Gatsby Garden Fund-raiser Event Video'

Watch 'Walk A Mile Promo Video 2016'

Alex Dault

Artistic Director, Theatre by the Bay and Director / Playwright, 'The Five Points' social documentary play, July 23, 2017

"The way you guys have put this together is outstanding. Thank you, I love the shots you use of the real downtown and the way you edited it. Thanks for this, it is a real gift to our team."

Watch 'The Five Points, a documentary play about Barrie'

David James Watt

Co-Director of Beneath The Blanket and team member of the SY-STEM LINKS initiative, January 5, 2017

"The Georgian College student initiative Beneath the Blanket is beyond pleased with the work done for us by Five Points Media and John Ironside. Five Points Media is a hard working, professional, informed group that truly cares about the social mission & vision of their clients. They will involve you at every junction of the process to make sure you receive the best possible product for you organization. If you are a charitable group, non-profit or initiative either established or just starting out, Five Points will assist and support you to realize your potential."

Watch 'Beneath the Blanket meets Push for Change' video

Watch 'SY-STEM Links Introductory Video'

Watch 'SY-STEM Links Explanatory Video'

Barrie Pride


Throughout the past four years, under both 3B Solutions and Five Points Media, our crew have donated our services to record a wide range of events for Barrie Pride and the LGBTQ community. Here, three members of the Board of Directors for Barrie Pride spoke about our contributions.

Watch 'Barrie Pride Promotional Video 2016'

Watch 'Barrie Pride flag-raising 2016' video

Watch 'Barrie Pride Transgender flag-raising 2016' video

Watch 'Barrie Pride Vigil for Orlando 2016' video

Silent Swim to fight Cystic Fibrosis


Starting in 2015, our crew at both 3B Solutions and Five Points Media have been assisting open water swimmer Brenda Lussier-Neumueller in her repeated attempts to swim across Lake Ontario as part of a campaign to raise money to help fight Cystic Fibrosis. That ultimately terminal genetic disorder afflicts both Brenda's brother and our producers (step) daughter. We have twice gone out onto the lake with this brave swimmer, and we have helped her with promo photography and the creation of her logo. BTW, this 38 year old mother is especially deserving of our support, as in addition to bravely taking on the lake, including an eight hour overnight ordeal, Brenda is also completely deaf.

Watch 'Promo video for swim originally planned for 2016'

Rough cut compilation video of footage recorded in 2015 crossing'

Luke Morrell

Music Director, Hopefest music festival in support of Sick-Kids Hospital, December 18, 2016

"Making the world a brighter place, one smile at a time! John Ironside and the Five Points Media team are changing the game of media coverage with an up close perspective of the world behind charitable eyes. Giving back and paying it forward would be an understatement of their community involvement thus far, thank you Five Points! One Love"

Watch 'Absolute Journey pre-show promotional video, 2016'

Watch 'Sutton Parade of Lights, Christmas 2016'

Canada Cuts for Gilda' Club

Organized by Neil Little, 2014-2017

Since 2014, our team at 3B Solutions and Five Points Media have been working to help Neil Little, a highly experienced hair stylist, to use his skills and his contacts in the aesthetics industry to run a yearly event during which Hair Stylists, nail artists, and other beauty industry professionals donated their service for a day to raise money for Gilda's Club in Simcoe Muskoka and Toronto.

Gilda's Cuts promotional video 2016

Gilda's Cuts promotional video 2015

Gilda's Cuts promotional video 2014

Home Sweet Home

Fund-raiser for Youth Mental Heath Services at Royal Victoria Hospital, 2017

Amber McAuley is impassioned by her desire to help children and youth who are struggling to succeed against mental health issues. Her motivation is her own personal past. Royal Victoria Hospital is now working to open a new Children and Youth Mental Health Facility, which our crew has worked to help support. In addition to this unique fund-raiser, through which builders and contractors auctioned off their skills for charity, Amber has also organized and run 'Move-It For Young Minds', an activity based yearly event held in August 2017 that our crew has been working to support.

Home Sweet Home demo video, 2016

Sarah Taylor

Entrepreneur, Social Activist, Community Ambassador, Business Advocate, 2014-2017

Sarah Taylor, of Taylor Media Promotions, is a well-known Barrie business operator and advocate for growth in Barrie business. She has sat on the Board of Directors and/or worked as a Media Advisor for the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce, the Barrie-Innisfil Conservative Association, the Women and Children's Shelter of Barrie, and St. John Ambulance; just to name a few. Our crew has now worked on multiple projects with Sarah, and we look forward to doing so again in the future.

Watch 'St. John Ambulance promo video, 2017'

Watch 'Walk A Mile promo video 2017'

Watch 'Walk A Mile promo video 2016'

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