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Candlelighters Superhero Stomp Promo

Every year hundreds of superheroes from every comic book universe descend upon the Barrie waterfront to participate in the annual Candlelighters Simcoe Superhero Stomp. Together, they unite for a better world, to kick cancer’s butt, and to help the families of those facing the longest and darkest periods of their lives.

This video, produced in support of Candlelighters Simcoe, Parents of Children with Cancer, might just be enough to convince you to don the cape and cowl for just one night, and these kids are more than happy to show you how it is done.

The video was produced entirely in Barrie using all local children and was made possible through the generosity of Riverwood Senior Living, Jack’s Urban Jungle, MTAV - AV Production & Equipment Rentals, and Amanda Trinacty For School Board Trustee 2018.

What makes a person a superhero? Is it tights and a cape, or powers and abilities? Is it a costume and logo that puts fear in the hearts of evil? In truth, none of these things matter. All superheroes have two things in common. Courage, and an inner strength that cannot be defeated. These children are all superheroes.

Kids with cancer in Barrie need you to be their superheroes. Are you up to the challenge?

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