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Ryan’s Hope Christmas Promo, 2023

For most of us, Christmas is a time to be with family, to appreciate fine food and drink, and to enjoy the company of good friends.

Sadly, for a growing portion of our population, this special time has become a period of darkness, when the homeless and destitute members of our society are acutely aware of their isolation, vulnerability, and exposure.

At Ryan's Hope, they call these people their friends.

This volunteer-driven group was started by Christine and Tom Nayler, in memory and honour of their son Ryan. Their mission is to advocate for and support people living with mental illness, substance use issues, and homelessness.

As a grassroots benevolent organization, the volunteers of Ryan's Hope pride themselves on their ability to listen and recognize the individual needs of those they are serving. They also provide connections to other community supports as needed.

Thanks to the many community partnerships they have formed, they are able to provide grocery support and household supplies to those who are housed but struggling financially, welcome kits for people when they become housed, and supplies for those living in encampments. They serve a community breakfast three days a week, run a once-a-week laundry service, and offer many other forms of support.

They also provide on a daily basis, community, connection, and confidence.

All Ryan's Hope programs are powered by human kindness!

To learn more about Ryan's Hope please visit their website at https://www.ryanshopebarrie.ca or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ryanshopebarrie

Here are some ways you can help Ryan's Hope.

They accept financial donations via cheque or e-transfer. They also accept grocery gift cards.

Cheques and gift cards can be mailed to Ryan's Hope, 190 Dunlop St E, Barrie, ON, L4M 1B3

E-transfers can be sent to ryanshopeandhonour@gmail.com

Ryan's Hope can also accept donations through their Crowdfund found at https://fundrazr.com/ryanshopebarrie?ref=ab_5Anpr6_ab_6ivPnpzqEnv6ivPnpzqEnv )

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