We started our partnership with Brenda with professional promotional pictures1 First in our studio2 And then out by the lake3 We then documented Brenda's trials4 Recording the tests that would establish her ability to swim Lake Ontario5 She covered quite a distance so we chased her down the shore6 Brenda's crew consisted of fellow open-water swimmers and a lot of ASL translators7 Brenda was lucky at first, starting out in perfect conditions8 As the night grew darker Brenda became more isolated; not just deaf, but sightless too9 Her will did not diminish as the light faded10 Brenda maintained her pace and moved forward into the night11 In the total darkness communications via ASL grew difficult12 As dawn broke Brenda gained new vigor13 Her spirits remained high and her confidence strong as we reached the half way point14 Nonetheless, an old shoulder injury began to slow her down15 The addition of pace swimmers pushed Brenda on toward the opposite shore16 Toronto seems so near in this picture but it is still many miles away17 As she drew closer to the shore Brenda hit unexpected strong currents18 When combined with the shoulder injury Brenda came to a standstill despite her efforts19 Five kilometres from the shore Brenda was pulled from the water by swim officials20