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When is the best time to embrace change?

(Formerly the City of Barrie Network)

It is a new age of advertising and only those who grasp the changes will survive
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Our video on this subject is currently in production,
so here are a group of marketing experts repeating our message.

Print advertising is expensive, and the medium is dead or dying fast. All publications claim readership based on distribution, but who is actually seeing your ad, and what are those free papers really being used for? Television was at one time king, but now there are so many choices of things to do during commercial breaks that there is no way to know who, if anybody, is truly being reached by your message. Radio is a great source of entertainment, but as most listeners are either in their car or at work while the music is playing, how many people are able to take note of information in your ad? Do-it-yourself options may appear to save money, but they are mostly not effective, and they often look cheap which sends a bad image of your business.

Online video is targeted directly into the homes and cell phones of consumers, and due to the inclusion of online links it is easy for those interested in your business to instantly access more information and save it to their files. Also, target audience numbers are not a guess, as the visit of each viewer is recorded, and you know that those who clicked on the video containing your ad chose to view it.

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