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Our Community Leaders - City of Barrie Network

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is an old African proverb. Its meaning is that an entire community of people must interact with children for them to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. The villagers look out for the children as a collective.

Such a community view provides strength and stability to all

The same can be said for a ‘village’ such as Barrie, where our businesses, our community, our charities, and our economy are uniquely interlinked. We are not like the mega-city to our south, and most of us do not want to be absorbed into the massive GTA as has occurred to so many smaller cities, towns, and villages. Barrie, Ontario, is unique, and some of us want to keep it that way.

United we stand, divided we fall!

Below is a list of the business community partners of Barrie who support all sides of our city. They have joined with us to stand for our community, and to promote the idea of local first. These businesses are listed in alphabetical order as to their industry. Please support them as they do you.

Assisting You Social - Social Media Management

Your organization doesn't have the budget to compete with large national advertisers. You don’t have the time to be crafting social media updates on a daily basis. What you DO have is the ability to ENGAGE your customers online using social media, dynamic web content, and blogs.

Assisting You Social creates engaging, likable, shareable posts on your behalf up to three times per day, 7 days a week. Even when you’re not working, your social media is. Assisting You Social knows where your target demographic is online and caters your posts to them so you’ll reach the people who want to see your posts.

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Dog Kennel - BackCountry K9 Kennel

Backcountry K9 Kennel is a new, clean, and purposefully designed dog care facility, located at 5524 Side-road 30 in Utopia; just one rural block south of Highway 90. It is convenient to both Barrie and Angus but retains all the country charm of being a little off the beaten track.

The custom-built facilities are centred on a cozy ten-acre lot that features cut and maintained forest trails, and a pond for optional tethered swimming and cooling in the summer. Backcountry K9 Kennel is family owned and operated, and our staff live on-site. This enables us to provide twenty-four-hour supervision.

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BarterPay Simcoe County - Business Network

BarterPay helps business owners get what they need without using money AND helps them get full value for their slow-moving inventory & spare capacity. This makes you, the owner, more money.

Not only do we have an extensive list of existing members offering products and services to the network. Our sales teams focus is to add new members to the network based on members current requests.

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Checkered Door - Transition to Adult ASD

In supporting participants in the development of Social Skills, Checkered Door Inclusion Associates will use the Social Thinking® Methodology created by Michelle Garcia Winner. The daily program will offer structured social learning activities, derived from Social Thinking® Curriculum, which can be applied to group activities both in the Centre and in the Community. Social Thinking® is a term coined by Michelle Garcia Winner, CCC-SLP and represents a flexible, systems-based teaching methodology consisting of curricula, vocabulary, teaching tools, and strategies for individuals aged preschool through adults. Learn more at

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Latchman Insurance Brokers Limited - Robyn H. Latchman CFP

Committed to understanding and fulfilling our client’s needs with excellence and caring, Latchman Insurance Brokers Limited has served clients in southern Ontario since 1957. In 2007, we opened a Barrie office. We provide a diverse range of resilient insurance products and personal financial services.

Robyn H. Latchman, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Life Underwriter, brings 20+ years of experience to her role as a financial advisor and insurance specialist.

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Michael Enterprises - Audio and Visual

We sell, design, install, repair and rent most any electronic items and setups.

Whether you're organizing a big event or your television has stopped working, we deliver results you will see and hear.

At Michael Enterprise Audio & Visual we'll never recommend a piece of equipment that we wouldn't use ourselves and our technicians treat every project like it's their own, meaning no small detail is over looked.

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till Moving Osteopathy - For People and Pets

Kayte Armstrong, DVM, CVA, M.MOSc, is certainly unique in Barrie, and as far as we know all of Canada. Not only is she a fully qualified Osteopath and graduate of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, she is also a highly experienced veterinarian with more than twenty years of experience taking care of both small and large animals. Her skillset is so exceptional that she is now teaching at and creating a course in animal osteopathy for her former Alma mater.

Still Moving provides Osteopathic services to both people and animals.

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Theatre By The Bay - Live Performances

Theatre by the Bay is a professional theatre company seeking to grow the Central Ontario arts community by empowering local theatre artists, engaging local audiences with high quality programming, and telling stories that engage the diverse peoples of Barrie and Central Ontario.

It is also our mission to hire performers, designers, and technical staff, wherever possible, from the local area. We strive to increase job opportunities in the region, generate support for the arts from local businesses and individuals, and create arts education programs to generate a well-educated, interconnected, and capable arts community.

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3B Solutions - Video and Media Production

3B Solutions is the commercial video production company that owns and operates Five Points Media and the City of Barrie Network. Our diverse crew bring with them more than 30 years of international experience working in news, documentaries, corporate video, stage productions, and various other related media. Throughout the past five years, from 2014-2019, our crew has been chosen to be the ‘Best Videographers in Barrie”. This determination has been made by local business owners, by the reviews of our clients, and by the assessment of experts at Three Best Rated, an independent consumer advocacy group. Both companies maintain a five star status on both Google and Facebook.

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